About real estate leasing in Japan

About security deposit · key money

① What is Deposit

O depósito é pago ao proprietário em caso de danos ou problemas que possam ser causados no futuro.

In principle, this money will be refunded, but if you have to repair due to delinquent rent or burden on residents, the amount deducted for that amount will be refunded. Since it is almost always obligatory for house resident burden of house cleaning expenses, there is almost no return of the full amount, but if you use it beautifully it will also increase the amount refunded.

O custo do depósito geralmente é de dois meses de aluguel. Ele é pago ao assinar o contrato.

Dicas para reduzir a dedução do depósito

  • Smoking in the room
  • Regular cleaning
  • Do not pierce the wall with screws, nails, thumbtacks etc.
  • Do not scratch walls or floor
  • Do not leave oil stains in the kitchen

In addition, in case of damage or dirty due to other residents problems, in principle it will be borne by residents, so be careful.

② What is key money

O dinheiro da chave é pago ao proprietário ao assinar o contrato.
This money will not be refunded even after the contract is over.

The market price of key money is roughly 1 month to 2 months, and I will pay for the contract.

③ Other expenses incurred when moving in

  • Fire insurance subscription fee

    Most cases are insurance for earthquake etc., obliging tenants to join.
    The market price is from 15,000 yen to 30,000 yen, and you pay for the contract.

  • Taxa do agente

    We will pay the rent for 1 month to the real estate company that mediated the room at the time the contract is concluded.
    Legally, it is stipulated within one month, and most real estate companies mediate with a monthly fee.

  • Previous rent

    When borrowing a room, prepayment is the principle, so we will pay rent for monthly start-up at contract.
    In addition, when the tenancy start date is in the middle of the month, it is almost always the case that the rent for the month and the rent for the next month are also billed.

  • Key exchange fee

    Although it may be based on the case or the tenant's decision not to be charged, there are cases where you are forced to exchange the key to prevent problems such as crime caused by the previous resident's making a key.
    Depending on the type of key, the price is around 10,000 yen ~ 20,000 yen, we will pay at contract.