Company information

License number 宅地建物取引業 国土交通大臣(1)第9148号
一般労働者派遣事業許可番号 派 13-305427
Paid employment introduction business license number 13 - Y - 306348
Curio dealer Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No. 305501408181
Company name Global Trust Networks Inc.
Global Trust Network CO., LTD.
  • GTN Head Office

    〒 170 - 0013
    "Prédio Oak Ikebukuro
    TEL:03-6804-6801 FAX:03-6804-6802

  • Shin Okubo Branch

    "Edifício AKIYAMA
    TEL:03-5155-4671 FAX:03-5155-4679

  • Osaka Branch

    大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-11-4 大阪駅前第4ビル21階
    TEL:06-6348-0701 FAX:06-6348-0702

  • Hanoi branch office

    Room 1402, Hapro tower, 11 B Cat Linh, Cat Linh Ward, Dong Da District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam
    TEL:+84-4-6290-6526 FAX:+84-4-3848-9512

  • Ho Chi Minh Branch

    GF, Thien Son Building, 5 Nguyen Gia Thieu St., Dist 3, HCMC, Vietnam
    TEL: +84-8-3930-5492 FAX: +84-8-3526-0104

Capital 446,500,000円(資本準備金を含む)
Establishment July 2006
Number of employees 144 people (as of March 2017)
TEL 03-6804-6801
Fax number 03-6804-6802
Business contents
  • Rental housing guarantee business specialized in foreigners
  • Real estate leasing brokerage business specialized in foreigners
  • Living support business specialized for foreigners
  • Mobile phone service business specialized in foreigners
  • Part-time job and job placement business specialized in foreigners
  • 代表取締役 : 後藤 裕幸

    In 2000 he entered business while studying at the Chuo University Faculty of Law, opening an online game and fashion site.
    Established Mu Gate Co., Ltd. in 2003 and assumed office as Representative Director. Retired in 2004.
    2004 established Mu Co., Ltd., assumed office as representative director. Retired in 2006.
    2006 Established Global Trust Networks Inc. as a representative director (current position).

  • Director: Hiroki Kuroya

  • Director: Takeshi Togashi

  • 取締役:安 英壹

  • Outside Director: Takeo Shimojo (Honorary Chairman, Computer Dynamics, Japan)

    "Entrou em Remington Univac (Atual Nihon Unisys
    After working as a Japan Efficiency Association, established Japan Computer Dynamics Co., Ltd. (NCD) in 1976, appointed President and Representative Director.
    In September 2000, it was listed on JASDAQ. Since 2006, he is Chairman and Representative Director of the company. Honorary President (current position) from 2012.

  • Outside Director: Takashi Nakagami (President of Japan Electronic Equipment Import Association, Japan Development Engineering Association, etc.)

    Joined Pacific Line Corporation (currently Siemens). Established EVIC Co., Ltd. in 1965, assumed the position of Representative Director and President. He retired in 1992.
    Established Metallink Co., Ltd. in 1994, assumed office as representative director (current position).
    In addition, he became Chairman of Japan Electronic Equipment Import Association and Chairman of Japan Development Engineering Association.

  • 常勤監査役:伊藤 敬夫

  • Auditor de meio período: Minoru Morizaki (Contador público certificado e contador fiscal)

    Retired in 2006 as a representative of Shin Nihon & Audit Corporation Public Works Headquarters.

  • 顧問弁護士 : 森・濱田松本法律事務所

Membership of professional institutions

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Trade Association
Japan Rental Housing Association Public Interest Foundation
The Vietnamese Association of Public Interest Foundation
General Association of Asian Management Federations